UK Guardians


"In the heart of the New forest and only minutes from the wonderful coastal beaches"
UK Guardians was established in 2012 by Helen Herridge offering a Guardianship service to a small number of students from China.

A Little Bit About Us

Having over 15 years’ experience of working for schools and colleges in the UK as an International Education Student Supporter and with her passion for excellence and attention to detail the company has grown considerably due to the recommendation from all she works with, UK Guardians is now a team of like minded staff, providing an outstanding service to all our students, schools, parents and partners.

Within the growth of UK Guardians, we are now a leading provider of Work Placements through the Erasmus + programme currently for Switzerland and Germany and offer our own Summer Camps throughout July and August. We have dedicated members of staff for each area to ensure all we work with are offered a unique service.

We are fully committed to:

  • Ensuring your child’s school life is as happy and conducive to learning as possible
  • Giving them a caring and supportive environment in which to relax on exeats and holidays
  • Being “in touch” with each of our students as individuals and building a solid trusting relationship and allowing this to develop and change as they grow older
  • Regular consultation and updates with you as parents on all matters
  • Treating each child and you as parents and individuals – everyone’s situation and needs are different
  • Ensuring the right school is chosen for your child and regularly reviewing their progress and making recommendations to improve their academic progress and general wellbeing

This all starts as soon as you register with us.  We can help to remove any anxiety, uncertainty and stress and make the whole experience as smooth, pleasurable and rewarding as possible.

Most parents come to us directly, but we also work with a number of partners in, Spain, China, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany.


We are very happy to put you in touch with parents, agents, boarding house staff and head teachers to find out more about UK Guardians.




Helen Herridge

Managing Director

Helen has worked in International education for her entire career. When she founded UK Guardians it was because she wanted to make a difference and provide students with the care she would want her own children to receive, she manages the daily running of the company and keeps in regular contact with all students, Parents, agents and schools. When she is not working which is not very often! She will be out walking along the beaches with her pet dog Darcie.

Lisa Hawes

Student Care Coordinator

Lisa manages the care and support for all of our students she is the “go to person”. She keeps in regular contact with all students, host families and schools. Any problem you may have however big or small Lisa will do all she can to resolve it. When Lisa is not at work she is busy looking after her two children and answering the phone to all of our students.

Viv Price

Groups Coordinator

With a strong background in teaching/training and administration both overseas and in the UK, Viv combines her skills and is primarily responsible for all UK Guardian groups visiting the UK. Please contact her for any information and she will be happy to discuss any potential visit, make suggestions etc. When not working Viv loves to spend time with her family, go travelling and wild swimming. Or when less energetic, she enjoys a good old pub with live music!

Darcie Dog

Meet & Greet 

Darcie is responsible for meeting all who visit the office with a wet kiss and a cuddle. She is also there to ensure that no staff gain weight by stealing food from them!