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Educamps Parent Agreement & Consent

• Parents/ carers will ensure that all telephone numbers and contact details ad information on the registration form are always kept up to date.
• All children are expected to behave appropriately at the setting. Parents will be informed if their child’s behaviour is inappropriate.

• In the event of an emergency, parents’ consent to Educamps staff seeking any necessary emergency medical advice or treatment felt required by the onsite first aider.

• Unless stated on the allergies section on the form, I give permission for Educamps staff to use antiseptic wipes and or plasters should they be needed.

• Only medication prescribed by a doctor will be administered by the staff and we must have prior written permission of the parent/carer.

• Parents/carers agree that photographs of their child may be taken for display at the setting, marketing material and social media.

• Parent/ carers agree to book and pay by bank transfer a minimum of 14 days prior to start date or as agreed with HQ.

• Parent/carer agree that their child can travel in Educamps transport either for daily pick ups or excursions off site with prior notice. Seat belts will be worn at all times and safety precautions taken.

• Educamps are an accredited company inspected every three years this ensures that we follow all government procedures and guidelines. All staff are fully trained and checked by disclosure and barring service.

• All information which has been given relating to your child, will be held securely and confidentially and not shared with any third parties.